Monday, November 26, 2007

Unexpected Gifts Part 3

We have much to be thankful for! We visited my (Anna's) dad and stepmom over Thanksgiving. One of my sisters and her husband and my brother were all there. It was so good to reconnect.

During Thanksgiving morning breakfast (yes, we were gluttons for punishment - we had a fairly large, yummy breakfast) my dad handed us an envelope. Inside was a check for a very large amount for our adoption. Everyone in my family had contributed - my dad and stepmom, my mom and stepdad, my sister and her husband, my brother, even my 13-year-old sister. We are so thankful to be so supported by both our families. Our cup is very much overflowing.

Needless to say, this relieves a fairly large burden. Between our savings, the t-shirt fund raiser and the amazingly generous gifts we have received, we are almost there!

Paperwork-wise, we are waiting for our home study to be complete. This is should happen sometime this week and then we are on to the next step (see previous posts for details on the process as a whole).


faithsalutes said...

Wow. God is good. I love reading your blog, because it actually encourages me for some reason. It is a dose of goodness.

Keep it coming...I cant wait to see the baby.

Carpenters said...

What a wonderful gift! That's so great that you almost have the expenses covered. Yeah!

shawn and tisha said...

Praise the Lord!! That is so wonderful!!
Tisha (awaa yg)

Leah said...

How exciting! Praising God with you!

PS-yeah, someone else is reading Poetic Knowledge. Did you know I know the author?!? Well I sort of know him...I claim to know him... :)