Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sponsor Beniam in the Walk for Life!

Dear Friends and Family,

TeamReno is getting ready to do a wonderful thing in Santa Cruz. We are joining a united effort of concerned citizens who are taking a stand for the Sanctity of Human Life.

Please consider sponsoring us as we participate in the Walk for Life 2009. This fundraiser benefits the Pregnancy Resource Center of Santa Cruz County (which Anna worked for many years ago - BC - Before Chris). The PRC is a non-profit organization that gives women and families the tools and support to make healthy decision for themselves and their babies.

Obviously the blessing of new life and of a mother's sacrifice to give that life is very fresh in our minds. We are so thankful that Beniam's birth mother chose life for him. So, on September 26th we will join hundreds of men, women and children in a Walk For Life that will help protect the lives of mothers and children throughout the year through the courageous efforts of LifeNet and the PRC.

Just click on to sign up to be our sponsor and then let us know. The walker you are sponsoring is Beniam Reno (although he will actually be "strolling" - Mom & Dad will do all the "walking").



The Life and Times of CTBR

We love our little boy! He is such a joy - I can't imagine life before him! So much personality in such a little body.

Playing at the beach while Daddy is fishing.

Trying to reach the nerf dart Daddy stuck on his forehead.

This boy loves berries!

...and bath time!

Helping Mommy pack more donations to go to Ethiopia (they going with another family - it isn't our turn again - yet!)

We will leave you with our very own Ethiopian Donald Duck.