Saturday, May 17, 2008

Catch up

It is the chaotic last 2 weeks of school so blogging is not at the top of my priority list. Yes you read right - 2 more weeks! And then we have Sundays off until forever, God willing. This summer will hopefully hold much thesis-writing (Chris - not me), fishing, camping and catching up with family and friends.

As far as adoption news goes - we may receive our referral in July or August, which may mean travel in November. Key word being "may" as in "maybe" as in "God is in complete control but I really hope we travel sooner but it will probably be later." But really, we trust in God's timing and we know that God hears listens to the prayers of the saints, so....Please pray that we would be able to travel at least before the end of the year!

One thing you can pray for: Ethiopia is experiencing a drought right now and is in desperate need of rain. Because of this the government is enforcing rolling power outages, which is making life for Ethopians very difficult (more so than it already is) and is slowing up the process for adoptive families (b/c gov't offices are closed due to no power). Please pray for rain for Ethiopia!

Also, if you are interested, World Vision is taking donations for both the Chinese and Burmese (Myanmarese??) disasters. They are a very trustworthy, Christian relief organization.