Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paean To My Wife

I just want to take a moment to post a sonneted paean (non-pagan) to my delectable wife on this her 28th birthday. We usually don't allow anyone else's eyes to read her annual sonnet, but this one is acceptable for the public because they need to know what a glorious woman she is . . . but you all already knew that. Here she is, sandwiched between two men who are better men because of her.

See how his tender hand coddles his lamb;
See how his tender mother coddles hers.
Her husband's gaze caresses his sweet fam-
ily. Rippling joy concentrically now stirs--
Like ancient liquid stirred with angel pow'r--
The Sheep Gate waters for the crippled soul.
This joyous flood brings beauteous buds to flow'r
And lovely wife loveliness fills to full.
The world, though, exiles women once they gain
A child because it "sucks their beauty dry."
I cannot argue. Words go down the drain.
Mere syllogisms, arguments . . . vain tries.
Your smiling flesh, caressing coffee skin,
Argues enough: Your beauty grows with kin.

Happy Birthday,


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Resurrection Day!

Beniam was baptized with his cousin Asher on Easter Sunday. Chris was also baptized on Easter Sunday 30-some years ago, which made it extra special. Beniam and Asher had cute matching baptism/Easter outfits that we found at the Gap Outlet, and wouldn't you know it, right as the Boy was getting baptized he had the biggest diaper blowout he has ever blessed Mommy with...right through his new pants. Ahh...and so goes life. A dear Ethiopian family that we know (the husband is actually from here) came to Benaim's baptism and the sweet wife said that it is actually good luck in Ethiopia for a baby to "mess his pants" on his baptism day. So there you go. Our day was especially blessed ;)

After the worship service we went to Chris' parents house for food, fellowship, toss across, Easter egg hunts and water gun fights...quite a day. He is risen!

Sonnets and Seder Dinner

Well, I hoped you enjoyed my dear husband's Good Friday sonnet that he posted. He is quite the gifted poet and songwriter. Every year he writes me a "Wifey Birthday Sonnet." My birthday is just around the corner so I am looking forward to my next one. Sorry - can't share it with you - for my eyes only ;)

Every year our church has a Christian Seder Dinner. It is a bit chaotic but so fun. This was Beniam's first Seder. He loved all of the music and dancing and even revealed his louder self to our congregation with many squeals, shouts and peals of laughter (thanks to cousin Isaiah).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Curse -- A Good Friday Sonnet

A rare post by the husband . . .
So it's a day late, but I thought some might be blessed to receive this on Holy Saturday nonetheless. The idea--and then the sonnet--came to me several years back when I was having a bad attitude during a junior high chapel (during Passion Week). While the speaker was typically going through the litany of Christ's physical sufferings (trying to evoke pity and conversion from junior high kids), God rebuked me with a revelation of the meaning of Christ's crown of thorns. Why "thorns," I thought. The answer lies in "the curse" of Genesis 3 when, after Adam sinned, God cursed the dust of the earth with thorns and thistles. The crown of thorns is symbolic--a very painful one--of Christ bearing the curse for us. The irony of this is how Roman soldiers, in an effort to mock Christ as a sham-Jewish king, basically apply the hidden theology of Genesis by adorning Him with a sham--but supremely meaningful--crown. It's amazing--yet not really--what God, the Author of history, can do through even pagan actors to accomplish His purposes in the world. Blessings to you all this Holy Saturday and have an even greater blessed Resurrection Day tomorrow . . . the day of our dear Beniam's baptism!

--The Curse--

The Curse: Word thunders forth from lips divine
As things both seen and not are hemorrhaging.
Milk-white--dark blood once hot, can't bear the sign--
First-flesh, ashamed, stands stark now trembling.
The Man--delight now drained, our race's head,
His head hung down, drooped in defeated pain--
Now scours the earth, "This thorny curse I dread."
(The ground, thorn-crowned) "Can curse become my gain?"
This question cast a shadow years in length.
It's thund'ring answer: thorns upon high hill.
The tree: it bears the Sign now lacking strength.
Strong Weakness says, "My will . . . to do Your will."
Edenic curse, circumferencing our Head,
The Word: our Curse, He suffers in our stead.
Genesis 3:17b-18a
Galatians 3:13a
Matthew 27:29a

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 month home!

Our little boy Reno is sleeping so I have some time to finally post. Yes, we have been home for 1 month! I can't believe it. Our trip seems so long ago. I feel like I am already losing memories - thank goodness for video cameras! We actually haven't watched any of our video from our trip. I guess we are just too wrapped in the squirming, grunting, smiling reality that has blessed our home. Thank you Lord! You place the fatherless in homes and give the childless bouncing bundles of Ethiopian joy!