Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sponsor the Reno kiddies and support a great organization!!

So many of you have probably already seen my email and Facebook posts about B and E participating the Walk for Life. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored them so far! Here is TeamReno at the Walk for Life last year.

The Walk for Life benefits a truly amazing organization, the Pregnancy Resource Center. The PRC offers completely free, no strings attached vital services to local women and their families. Not any services, but life-affirming services. Not just life-affirming of babies, but of women in every walk of life who need emotional and physical support that they can't find anywhere else. The love that the staff of the PRC show to the clients that come through their doors really is a brilliant reflection of Christ.

I have been involved with the PRC in many different ways throughout the last 10 years and based on my experiences it is one of the few non-profit organization that I continue to support. I just talked with Executive Director of the PRC and he shared that the PRC is in dire need of funds. Since the Walk for Life is their most important fundraisers, I am really determined to drum up as much support as I can muster. Can you help?

You can sponsor Beniam as he walks to support the PRC by clicking this link:

You sponsor Evangeline as she walks (or toddles or rides along in her cushy stroller) to support to the PRC by clicking this link:

Or you can contact me at

Thank you so much!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Roadtrip Part 1

We were a bit crazy this summer and took a 3 week road trip throughout the West. The main goal was to see family...Chris' family reunion was this summer in Colorado, my grandparents live in Idaho and my mom and siblings are in Oregon. Beniam was a travel champ. For the most part he just sat in the back and watched movies and talked and talked and talked and built sculptures out of pipe cleaners and colored and looked at books and talked some more. Evangeline...not so much. Our precious girl has a shriek that puts the Nazgul to shame and it intensified on this trip, leaving Mama and sometimes Dada in a puddle of frazzled nerves. Beniam didn't really seem notice the ear-piercing noises coming from the other side of the car until towards the end of the trip. To top it off, the poor thing got altitude sickness in Colorado (we were at almost 9000 feet). But it really was a great trip, despite my stinky attitude at times and my girl's opera antics.

We stopped in Las Vegas for 2 nights to give the kiddies a break from driving. The hotel we stayed was super inexpensive and had 4 huge pools. The Johnsons cousins stopped with us and the kiddies had so much fun. The buffet at our hotel was crazy. We are not usually big buffet people but it is fun every once and awhile. Where else can you have eggs benedict and biscuits and gravy at the same time? And then 4 hours later go back for pizza, chinese food, mexican food and ice cream? A little over the top, but a nice treat for this mom. Beniam couldn't believe that he could have all of his favorite things on one plate at the same time...and then get an ice cream cone. Hurray for vacation!

And then 10 hours onto Colorado...At these reunions there are packs of children running everyone. Thankfully, everyone gets along so well...we always have a wonderful time and although homesickness does start to set it, we are always sad to say goodbye. Beniam had SO much fun with all of his "new" cousins. I didn't take too many pictures. I was a little busy cleaning up after my sick kiddies. But! We still had fun! The following pictures are from a little family fishing expedition. Our little fisherman caught 5 fish on our trip!