Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving Fruit

I was telling Chris last night that whenever I try to picture our baby, I am inevitably brought to thinking about his/her birthmother. She more than likely knows that she is pregnant and is faced with hard, hard realities/questions that a pregnancy often brings. I have no idea what those are for her. All I know is that God has brought a little soul into fruition in another woman half across the world and this little soul will become ours. This thought causes many emotions - sadness, wonder, sometimes joys, although that will probably more present when we see our baby for the first time. I still have a hard time calling the child "our baby." Right now it is her baby. I still can't wrap my mind around what it is like to give your baby to someone else. How do you give a baby? Now I have worked in a crisis pregnancy center and have been confronted with the myriad of reasons/situations/etc that are behind women placing their babies for adoption, but this is real life so now that I am very much personally and emotionally involved, it is different...This might sound naive, trite or whatever...oh well...

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