Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our sweet and sour

Been a little absent from blog world...we have had a new niece (sweet Zoey Faith) and a new nephew (Elias Matthew - what a hunk!) born in the last 2 weeks so things have a bit busy.

We call this girl our sweet and sour girl, because she is SO sweet (obviously, just look at these pictures) but sometimes quite sour (has THE loudest, shrillest shriek anyone has ever heard - our doula even said so) - but we love her so much!


Danielle said...

You're right, from the pictures she is clearly SO sweet! I'll tell you what, though, our experience is a girl is a TOTALLY different ballgame. The shear drama Selah is producing these days is like nothing I've ever experienced in 9 years of parenting 3 boys :) But even with the drama and over-the-top emotions, I can't imagine living life without my baby girl!!! Thanks for posting!


Erin said...

I love that middle picture. What a sweet little squealer girl. :)