Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Almost 1!

The inevitable is happening and our Little Boy is is becoming a Little-Bit Bigger Boy. CTBR is officially mobile is more ways than one. He started crawling mid-August, has been pulling himself to standing since before that and has discovered the great fun of "the walker." He loves walking himself around pushing the walker (thanks Auntie Amy!). Our camera is broken, so alas no recent pics of these accomplishments yet.

Our little mover and shaker has started saying gogo (when pushing his walker), Mama (he has said this before but now it is very clearly intended for me), Dada, ball, duck, book, uh-oh, nana (for banana) and a host of other words that we can't quite decipher yet.

I am starting B's scrapbook and have been looking at his early, early pictures. Our love for him has grown more that we could have imagined. We can hardly believe that this little one:

has grown into this happy, healthy little treasure:


CAjohnsonfamily said...

Time in flying!! He sure has changed since you brought him home. We love you Beniam!!

Brittany Martin said...

He is so big!