Monday, September 21, 2009

1st Birthday Bash

We celebrated our dear little boy's first birthday on Saturday. His actual birthday is on the 28th but we will be out of town that weekend for a certain someone's wedding. We gathered with family and friends at a local beach, ate cupcakes, played in the sand, and enjoyed each other's company. Yes, Beniam tried his first cupcake, and no, he didn't dive right in, he took his sweet time. Chris says this is because our boy is an artist, tasting a little here, a little there. CTBR managed to make through present opening and balloon boxing before finally hitting that meltdown-it's time for a nap-get me to my crib as soon as possible point. He isn't the type of kid that will fall alseep anywhere. He wants his crib, his blanket, his music and then he is out. But I digress. The birthday party was great...we loved celebrating the gift that Beniam is to us. Notice the super cute crown that our Ethiopian prince is wearing...designed and sewn by our dear Hope B. with Ethipoian colors, the Lion of Judah and Beniam's initials. It is his official birthday crown. We love it! Thank you Hope! And thank you to everyone who celebrated with us! And thank you Grandma Kim for the pics!


Krista said...

What a cute little boy you have! Happy birthday Beniam! Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate.

big hair betty said...

Oh, I love it!!