Thursday, April 16, 2009

Resurrection Day!

Beniam was baptized with his cousin Asher on Easter Sunday. Chris was also baptized on Easter Sunday 30-some years ago, which made it extra special. Beniam and Asher had cute matching baptism/Easter outfits that we found at the Gap Outlet, and wouldn't you know it, right as the Boy was getting baptized he had the biggest diaper blowout he has ever blessed Mommy with...right through his new pants. Ahh...and so goes life. A dear Ethiopian family that we know (the husband is actually from here) came to Benaim's baptism and the sweet wife said that it is actually good luck in Ethiopia for a baby to "mess his pants" on his baptism day. So there you go. Our day was especially blessed ;)

After the worship service we went to Chris' parents house for food, fellowship, toss across, Easter egg hunts and water gun fights...quite a day. He is risen!


Diane Garaway said...

What a blessed day it was! I like the diaper story!

CatPed said...

I love the photos of the cousins together, they are going to be such good friends!