Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting ready

We are busy, busy getting ready for Baby Reno. Since he is our first, we have much to do. Here are pics of our first trip to BabiesRus.

We were able to send a little care package with the Wistrom family when they picked their 2 boys. Thank you Wistroms! We sent our picture, a super soft blanket, some clothes and Isaiah and Aaliyah contributed some drawings. The Wistroms delivered the package for us and took some pictures of our little guy. Right now I am looking at a picture of him holding our picture. Yes, we realize that he isn't totally cognizant of what he is holding, but that's ok.

Left to Right: Chris, Me (holding baby), Aaliyah, Isaiah and Isaac.

Isaiah signed his picture "love Isaiah cuzit" I'm assuming he meant "cousin." So sweet!

Our superintendent and his wife gave us a very cute crib that is almost brand-new. What a blessing! I had been endlessly searching on Craig's List for a nice, used crib that I liked. And now my search is over! Thank you Steve & Cheryl!

And...last, but not least...I finished the top of my first baby quilt. The squares are little off in a couple of places, but my sweet hubby and my sweet neighbor say it is cute nonetheless. I just want perfection for my boy! ;) But, yes, it is quite cute. I am going to attempt to sew satin around the edges (yikes) and then start on the batting and the back. I will post some pictures when I am finished.

We still don't know when we will be traveling...10-12 weeks from November 19th...pray for our court date to happen quickly!


Mrs. Schwager said...

can i come over and see his room? i keep forgetting to ask you...

Allison O. said...

Stop...don't do anything quilty yet. I think we need to talk about the satin edges.
Your excitement is finally ooozing.

Team Garaway said...

yay! i can practically hear your joy just by the way you write!

faithsalutes said...

i love the drawing from his cousin.