Monday, October 20, 2008

Time to Pray! (again)

Ok friends and family, it is time to pray, pray, pray, pray...we recently found out that our adoption agency is raising some of it's fees, starting on November 1st. This is all for good and above-board reasons. No, they are not trying to squeeze more money out of us. It is genuinely needed for several reasons, including keeping our kiddo and the other sweet ones at the orphanage and Transition Home clothed, fed, healthy and loved.

So, please pray that we receive our referral before November 1st, not only because of the fee situation, but also because we are so ready to bring this baby home!! There is a decent chance that we won't recieve our referral before the end of the month and also for good and above-board reasons. If we don't, then please pray that God would provide the extra $4000-some. Yes, a lot of money, but He brought us the first $17,000, so we are pretty sure He can pull this off.

In the mean time, visit these blogs...they are families who just passed court in Ethiopia and are traveling within the next 4-8 weeks to pick up their long-awaited exciting!

the Nunez family
the Britton family
the Laughner family
the Hammond family

Also, please be praying for the Forrest family, who recently found out that the little girl who was referred to them passed away.


timmyjimi said...

Pulling for you. Keep us posted.

Diane Garaway said...

I love your updates and your mindfulness of the other families adopting. It is a privilege to pray for you all.

Ivanna said...

I'm praying for you!

faithsalutes said...

This is so much to take in. I am so sorry to here about the Forest Family. Devastating (but I can't cry at work...have to keep it together).

God is good.