Thursday, January 31, 2008

Waiting...and Surprises!

It has been an eventful 2 weeks...

the Waiting...for our Certifications to come back from the Secretary of State. It is supposed to take about 2 weeks and it has been at least 2 weeks...when we get all that paperwork back, we can finally send our dossier off to our adoption agency. Exciting! Then the real waiting begins. I also found out that we may not travel to pick our little Ethiopian Reno until Sept or Oct, which is fine. We are enjoying our time together before the baby comes, and Chris needs to finish his thesis for his Master's Degree by August. God's timing is perfect!

the not-so-fun Surprise...2 weeks ago Friday I pulled out of my driveway on the way to Staples and had not been driving for not even 5 minutes when someone came into my lane from the opposite direction and hit me head on. Not fun. Airbags went off, etc, etc. But praise God neither of us was injured, besides the usual back/neck pain (which I am getting physical therapy for). Praise God I was driving a Volvo! We are big believers in Volvos, especially now. Amazingly, my mother-in-law had been praying a couple of days before for God to protect the family from getting hurt in any car accidents. If you had seen our car after the accident, you would realize how graciously God answered her prayer. Since our car was totaled, we are currently on what seems like an unending quest to find the perfect Volvo in our price range. We are super meticulous and price conscious - a car salesmen’s' worst nightmare. Until we find our perfect car, our good and gracious friends, the Tarrs, are lending us their mighty blue Honda. Thank you, friends!

the very-amazing-and-totally-unexpected we received an unmarked envelope in the mail. Inside was this very cute unsigned card and a very generous cashier's check with "for your baby" written in the memo field.
Remember that we have already met our fund raising goal for
our adoption and were planning on saving every month for the very small amount that was left. I am usually pretty non-emotive but when I opened the card, I was so overcome with thankfulness and shock that I teared up. When I rushed to Chris' work to show him, he had the same reaction.
Our good God just keeps pouring blessing upon blessing. Thank you and God bless you to the Saint(s) who sent this. God must be working through you to prepare us for some unexpected expense down the road. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


faithsalutes said...

Wow! Go Team Volvo!

big hair betty said...

Glad to hear you are okay Anna! Paul Legge (the paramedic) has seen many accidents and is also glad his family drives a Volvo!

Steve & Anna said...

I "stopped by" to see how things were going...and I am so glad to hear you are safe Anna! We loved the volvo we used to have and believe in them too! It is exciting to hear of the progress that you are having in the paperchase! I am rejoicing with you over God's great provision and blessings - over and above what we expect! I am sure it will be that way with your baby too!
in Christ,