Friday, October 12, 2007

Another choice

A man in our church kindly offered to connect with his sister who works in the Vital Statistics office, to try and help us in some way to get our marriage certificate. We were so blessed that these kind people offered to do what they could. The sister made some calls and was told that it wouldn't be ready until December.

A couple of days ago, when Chris and I read her email communicating this, we were faced with 2 choices. Either throw a fit and become depressed (which I admit, I did do for about 2 minutes) or choose to trust once again in God's perfect timing. Thankfully, God worked in our hearts and we chose the latter. So, no more excited trips to check the mail, at least until December. Maybe we would get a nice Christmas present.

So I was going to the mail today, thinking "why am I even checking the mail? Our certificate won't be here until December." Lo and behold, there were not one, but two amazing gifts in the mail. One - our marriage certificate! Ah! Crazy! Two - a gift of $100 from one of my good friends in Moscow, Idaho. Crazy! God is so, so good. I wonder if He enjoys giving huge surprises like this. I am sure He does.


timmyjimi said...

Very happy for you guys. Thanks for the good news. I love hearing about the way God works.

Carpenters said...

Praise God! What a blessing both surprises in the mail were.

Praying that you won't have to refile,