Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CTBR is 3!

So our sweet little man just turned 3 and boy did we party! We had a family party earlier in the month, a party with his birthday buddy, Joshie, the night before his birthday and of course, a day-long party on his actual birthday. I don't think B realized that he actually turned 3 on his birthday because he asked me just tonight if he was almost 3.

Every year B's birthday I find myself wondering about his "birth" day. How I wish I could have witnessed his grand ntrance into the world. I long to know what his first cry sounded like or to see his little eyes open and see the world for the first time. But God did not see to fit to give me those moments. B's birthmother was given the gift of those first precious moments and I pray they were a gift. I hope she held him tight and prayed blessing over him. And I pray that God blesses her now with hope and peace and sustenance and security and salvation.

I have been given so many other precious, hilarious, fun, sweet moments with my son. And I am so, so, so thankful.

Our first few moments with Beniam - February 2009

CTBR turns 1! September 2009

CTBR turns 2! September 2010

CTBR turns 3! September 2011

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