Saturday, April 16, 2011


This post illustrates why I love PW co much...

(1) Being home taking care of her family is one of her top priorities. And she likes being home. I LOVE being home. I am such a homebody. When I am out too much, my balance is thrown way off. Of course, I need to account for this and be prayful about my attitude and such when we are out a lot. CTBR loves going to the park and the beach and seeing friends and I love to bless him in these ways, which requires a little sacrifice for my introvert self. Anyway, I digress...

(2) she is HILarious - one of the few people who makes me laugh out husband and my far-away friend Faith being 2 others

(3) she doesn't like bananas - ick, ick, mom blames this on my childhood...apparently my diet as a picky toddler consisted of P&J and bananas and I guess I overdosed.

(4) oh yeah, and she shares yummy, yummy soul-comforting recipes with the rest of us, like this one and this one and this one get the idea. Thanks PW!

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