Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2.9.2011 - Three Generations

In my reorganizing of Beniam's room the other day, I came upon a book that had belonged to Chris when he was little. It even had his name written inside in his mother's handwriting. How precious!
Chris was at a meeting, so at bedtime Beniam and I read "The Bear's Vacation," and he loved it. And then, joy of all joys, Dada and Papa (Chris' dad) showed up and Papa read it to him again. Our little boy is so loved...can you tell?

I should also mention that Chris and his dad share a fondness for books and reading. You could say it is their "one weakness" (name that show!) fun to see this being passed down to Beniam. We can hopefully assume that his taste in literature will mature ;)

(Forgive the lighting or lack thereof...)


Nini said...

love this!

Erin said...

Cute Anna! Scott has a handful of books from his childhood. He loves reading them still. It is so cute. I love it.

Jen said...

lark rise to candleford! :)

G. said...

I love that you are posting so often! Keep it up!