Friday, January 28, 2011

1.28.2011 - Happy Birthday to a Sweet Niece

January is a busy birthday month in the Reno/Johnson family. Today our sweet niece, Aaliyah, turns 10. Double digits, baby! If you know Aaliyah, you know what an amazing kid she is. She is so fun, wonderfully kind, patient, helpful, loves her family...I could go on and on about what a wonderful young lady Aaliyah is. It is especially a blessing for me to witness how much she loves our kiddos. When we brought B home, in order to encourage bonding and attachment, we didn't really have anyone else hold him, which was SO hard for Aaliyah. Her first (first) cousin and she had waited for so long with us and he was SO cute and she wasn't able to hold him and cuddle him! But she didn't love him any less. When E was born, I wanted to cry at how excited Aaliyah was to hold her!!

Both Chris and I continually praise God for Aaliyah. She is a blessing to us in so many ways. We love you, Yaya!


ma said...

dear Auntie Anna,
I LOVE the post you DID so so so so Much!!!!!!!!!! You were right,I was very, very SAD because I could not hold little Benie! LOVE YOU SO, SO, SO MUCH. YOU mean so much to me!!!


(Hi Benie, Evangeline,and uncle!)

ma said...

Anna, that was so sweet of you !!!! She is a very special little lady, the Lord has blessed us all with her.
~ Ma

briandem said...

I agree, Aaliyah is the bestest!

CAjohnsonfamily said...

Me too!