Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Growing Up

Once again, I am woefully overdue in updating our blog. Summer is almost halfway over and baby Reno #2 is due in just 2 weeks. How did that happen? In the midst of our nesting, Beniam had been turning into quite the little boy, climbing bookcases, sleeping in a big boy bed, collecting rocks and change, etc, etc. We just watched the videos from our Ethiopia trip to bring him home. What a blessing to have a video camera! Thank you again to the Baers(x2)! Our little peanut has suddenly morphed into a walking, running, climbing, talking, singing little boy.


Team Garaway said...

i cannot believe you are within 2 weeks! wow! all I can say is wow!

Team Garaway said...
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jen said...

so fun, anna! we're so excited for your lil' girl!