Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adventures in Ethiopian Food

I love Ethiopian food. Love it. When it is made by Ethiopian people. But since our little prince is from Ethiopia I thought I should probably try my hand at making Ethiopian food. So I ordered some necessary spices:

And made:
  • Niter Kebbeh (spiced clarified butter) - this turned out great! We used it in the Kitfo, greens and the Shiro sauce

  • Kitfo - minced beef - yes, we cooked it, it is traditionally served raw but I doubt our weak American stomachs could handle that - this turned out so-so
  • Shiro sauce - made from powered chickpeas, garlic, onion, berbere, and water - this was also very yummy!
  • Greens - kale with onions and peppers
  • Iab - a white curd cheese - I made a variation from yogurt, cottage cheese, lemon and herbs - turned out pretty good
  • Injera - a flatbread made from Teff flour - I normally love injera but mine (as seen below before it sat overnight) was nasty, nasty, nasty. And I don't know why! I followed the directions...if anyone has successfully made injera, please clue me in! For some odd reason, Beniam loved my first try at injera. Sweet boy.

Our first homemade Ethiopian meal (with rice instead of injera) sweet husband really enjoyed it...and he wasn't just being nice (although he is very considerate like that - he just can't hide not liking something from me) ...


Shari Downhill said...

Awesome Anna Rose! How beautiful and thoughtful of you to keep Beniam's culture alive and honored.

CAjohnsonfamily said...

Yum! I'd love to try cooking it with you next time!

OneThankfulMom said...

I'm impressed that you tried so many dishes at once!

Congratulations one year!