Friday, November 7, 2008

In a daze

For some reason I have been quite out of it this week. Maybe the election, maybe the weather, maybe the overwhelming kindness of our friends and family, definitely waiting to find out who Baby Reno is.

We did not get our referral before Nov. 1st but God is still good and still in control and will still provide. My friend Tawny and her husband sent us a financial gift and the most encouraging note last week...before we even knew if we were going to have to pay extra. I was so encouraged and so blown away and so amazed by how God works in unexpected ways. And THEN when Chris and I came back from Tahoe (we spent the weekend with my family which was great) the Johnson family gave us another gift. Crazy! It was almost as if God was reassuring us that fulfilling our desire to bring our baby home is a priority.

These gifts from these dear people brought to mind all of you who bought t-shirts and gave towards our adoption. We are so thankful for you! It is a glorious mystery to see God's people give and give freely and without being forced to give.


Diane Garaway said...

You are loved by many...and all of us are blessed to be part of this journey with you and filled with the joy of anticipation.
Grace and peace to you...and some hugs, too!

Tawny said...

glad that it encouraged you. We are so happy to have any part of a baby coming into your lives. you guys deserve so much happiness.

i love keeping up with the adoption. praying for YOU and your baby!

Shari said...

Sweet, sweet Anna Rose. Soon, dear daughter...soon.

Ivanna said...

I am still praying for you. God is faithful!

Lettner Family said...

Just want you to lnow that we are praying for you!