Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Saying goodbye

Graduation is always very bittersweet for us. 2 1/2 months of unscheduled time are just around the corner. But at the same time we have to say goodbye to the seniors who are moving onto the next phase of life. Keep in mind that as deans, we spend almost every day of the school year, 8 hours a day, sometimes more, with these kids. We are a strange melding of teacher/parent/friend/brother/sister. As Chris says, we get to see them when “they let their hair down.” We watch them grow (and hopefully mature) from little freshmen to almost grown men and women. Crazy! This must be a bit how parents feel. It is also just part of the chaotic, difficult, joyful, fun adventure of working with high school students. The changes that take place between 9th and 12th grade are mind-blowing. Our hope is that the kids grow closer to our Savior as well as in stature and knowledge.

We have so many pictures from graduation, I can't possibly post all of them...but here are some!


Anonymous said...

Chris, I hope that you can finish your thesis — and get your new baby! — soon.

P. Andrew Sandlin said...

Hey there fellow AWAA family!!! I don't know about you, we are starting to freak out (but in a good way)!!! Looks like Sept may be our month!!! Praise God!
DTE 3.3.08