Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A heavy thought

I have just started emailing back and forth with this kind, kind lady. This post she wrote about the AHOPE orphanage broke my heart. Chris and I have talked about adopting an HIV+ child and each time have been overcome with the heaviness of the thought. But we both know that God can do much more in us and through us than we think possible. Not that we are ready take such a step yet. For now we are sponsoring a child with HIV who lives in the AHOPE orphanage. He wants to be a professional soccer when he grows up.


kristin said...

this is a toughy.. I think if we did not already have a little one in our house, we might be open to it. I hope the Lord directs your path clearly and joyfuly!

Carpenters said...

AHOPE is an orphanage that really is filled with a lot of hope for these children. Now with ARVs these children have a possibility of a future. I read that AHOPE had once only accepted a child if they had money for a burial and now, while sadly a few very sick children do not survive, most are living healthy lives and going to school there. It's such a wonderful ministry. We visited the orphanage while we were there. It is literally a block from the transition home, so I highly recommend a stop.

With Love,

Thankfulmom said...

We are so excited about the children who are being adopted from AHOPE. AAI has fifty HIV+ children who are either home or in process, the majority of whom are from AHOPE. It is the most exciting and wonderful thing to see. Russ and I are honored that God called us to the children of AHOPE. He has done a great work in our family.