Wednesday, April 23, 2008

God's work is unceasing

As we continue to explore and learn more about international adoption, Ethiopia and Africa, I continue to be amazed and blessed by the creative ways God's people are reaching out and spreading the Gospel, in word and in deed. AHOPE and CALM Ministries are 2 organizations that I have come across.

AHOPE runs orphanages in Ethiopia for children with HIV. Chris and I just tonight signed up to become a sponsor for one of those children. Here is their mission statement: "The Mission of African HIV Orphans: Project Embrace is to offer a two-pronged approach to the devastation caused by the AIDS virus in Ethiopia.
  • Provide a nurturing, stimulating, loving home for infected children orphaned by the disease
  • Provide comprehensive, accurate education to families, staff, and the local community regarding AIDS prevention and care of infected loved ones."
CALM (Christian African Leadership Ministry) Ministries is based in Rwanda and is run by a Rwandan couple. They are "committed to glorifying God by enabling and equipping people to do the work of ministry and helping needy people to help themselves." This includes taking in orphans and running an orphanage that our adoption agency is working with.

Please visit both websites to learn more.


faithsalutes said...

I tagged you Anna R...see my blog.

Lori said...

Congratulations on being DTE 2 months. We are DTE 5 months this week. Praying for referrals and your wait.