Sunday, September 2, 2007


Well, reading about various adoption experiences, you usually come across the proverbial "hurdles" or "bumps in the road," basically little reminders to trust in God's perfect timing.

We have come across a couple of those during the past week. Our home study is not going as seamless as we would have liked. I don't want to go into too many details on the world wide web, except that prayer would be much appreciated.

One of those bumps (though not too serious) is our marriage certificate, which we are waiting for patiently (ha!). I am calling the Office of Vital Statistics tomorrow - oh wait - I just realized that tomorrow is Labor Day. I am calling on Tuesday!

We have to get MORE fingerprints done Wednesday for our state-level criminal background check. I am pretty sure there aren't going to be any surprises there.

Also, please continue to pray for finances!

Also, make sure and explore some of the adoptive family blogs...Chris and I have been SO encouraged reading about families who are steps ahead of us. Some have even brought their precious ones home! Most of you know that I am not super outwardly-emoting person, but reading through these blogs is making me one. Maybe it is part of becoming a mom...

So, this is month 4 of our paper pregnancy...let's see if we can finish in 9! (Pray for me to be patient!)


the Steiger's said...

Welcome to AWAA family. Hopefuly your home study will be done soon. We have been waiting for a referal since end of May.
Lenka from AWAA group

Kari said...

HI Chris and Anna, I love your blog. Its the highlight of my day catching up on new friend's blogs and reading all their different journies. We all have one goal in mind, but always unique! Welcome to truly is the best agency. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask the ?'s :) We'd love you to take a peek @ our blog, too. Enjoy!!
Kari (ET group)

Joon Hooh said...

Hi, Mr. Reno And Mrs. Reno.
How have you been?
Actually, I am receiving the email from you regularly, and it is a blessing to see the updates regularly. Thank you for sending me those emails so I know how you have been.

Well, Mr. Reno, I just finished reading proverb at the end of August, and it keeps remining me of things that I have learned in Bible study.
Anyways, it is so awesome to see that your family is following God's path and I am sure you are influencing many others, too.
I will pray for your family and for your finances so God keeps using you for his kingdom.
Then hope I get update regularly and God bless you!

In Christ,
Joon Hooh Sung

Michael Ann said...

It was great to bump into you on campus last night Chris. Anna, I hope that we can hang out soon. I like reading your blog. I like how you phrased it a "paper pregnancy". I can't wait to meet your new baby. We're praying for you guys.
-Michael Ann

Charisse said...

We are sooo excited for you guys and are praying for you. We are also investigating adoption and understand the emotional ups and downs, as well as the questions. Keep us posted. We love you! Come and see us sometime.

Uncle Howie & Aunt Charisse

Andrea said...

Welcome to the journey!! And welcme to the AWAA family. I love your blog, and so glad to have you with us. We had a LONG paper pregnancy and encountered almost everything.....let me know if you ever need a shoulder :)

Andrea Kidd

Carpenters said...

Let me add my welcome to the AWAA family. Thanks for sharing your updates. We look forward to hearing more about your journey. We're waiting for our referral for our two little ones.


Erin said...

The "bump" is just another proof that there is a baby on the way, right?!
We are currently praying about the new laws they may be putting into effect in Ethiopia, that could possibly cancel us out of adoption there in the near future. A bump!
We are praying for you guys!